Baja Competes in Louisville, KY

The Pack Motorsports Baja team recently attended competition in Louisville, Kentucky. 

Their successes began well before any Dynamic Events occurred, with their vehicle passing Tech Inspection on the first day. Only 15 other teams were able to achieve this accomplishment on that day. The team then went on to pass Brake Check. Following the passing of their inspections and safety checks, they were able to drive the vehicle around the paddocks and practice track.
The team finished 14th overall:
  • 10th in Endurance
  • 28th in Acceleration
  • 45th in Hill climb
  • 11th in Maneuverability 
  • 13th in Suspension & Traction (tied by distance for 7th)


Team Captain, Alex Amend said, “The team would like give a special thank you to EYE (Engineer Your Experience) for providing funding for our truck rental, airfare, and hotels. Thanks to their generosity, Baja was able to bring the maximum amount of team members allowed to our competition and travel without the worry of using personal vehicles. EYE has been pivotal to the success of the team this year and we cannot thank the EYE staff enough!”