Multiple Positions at Honda Research Institute USA

Honda Research Institute USA has multiple internship openings for Spring/Summer 2021 in the following categories. I would be grateful if you can forward the attached postings to your students and affiliates.

–    Human-Centered Collaborative Manipulation using Machine Learning (Job Number: P20INT-01)
–    Perception for Robotic Manipulation (Job Number: P20INT-02)
–    Analog and Digital Signal Processing (Job Number: P20INT-03)
–    In-Hand Manipulation (Job Number: P20INT-04)
–    Physical Human-Robot Interaction (Job Number: P20INT-05)
–    Robotic Interactive Planning (Job Number: P20INT-06)
–    Social Navigation Research (Job Number: P20INT-07)
Human-Machine Interaction
–    Human Behavior Modeling (Job Number: P20INT-08)
–    Integrations Engineer for Demonstrable Systems (Job Number: P20INT-09)
–    System Development for Next Generation Mobility Interfaces (Job Number: P20INT-10)
–    Computational Models for Human-Aware Systems (Job Number: P20INT-11)
–    Vision and Language Navigation (Job Number: P20INT-12)
–    Multimodal Signal Processing for Human State Estimation (Job Number: P20INT-13)
Computer Vision
–    Human Activity Recognition and Forecasting (Job Number: P20INT-14)
–    Human Behavior Understand and Prediction (Job Number: P20INT-15)
–    Anomaly Detection in Traffic Scenes (Job Number: P20INT-16)
–    Human Object Physical Interaction Detection (Job Number: P20INT-17)
–    Video Captioning in Traffic Scenes (Job Number: P20INT-18)
–    Visual Understanding of Traffic Scenes (Job Number: P20INT-19)
Machine Learning/AI
–    IRL and Control Research (Job Number: P20INT-20)
–    Learning and Control Research (Job Number: P20INT-21)

Please refer to the attached files for the description and the required qualifications of each position. You can also go to our careers website ( for a complete list of available positions. All inquiries must include the Job Number(s) in the subject line and sent directly to

How to Apply: send an e-mail to with the following:
– Subject line including the job number(s) you are applying for
– Recent CV
– A cover letter
– Topics you are interested in (Optional)

Candidates must have the legal right to work in the U.S.A.