A Message from Basil Hassan

Basil Hassan AE Class of 88, 90, and 93
Fellow MAE Alumni,

This is Basil Hassan (AE Class of 88, 90, and 93) and current member of the NCSU MAE External Advisory Board (EAB). As many of you can surely attest to, the experiences and education we received has formed the foundation for our professional careers. The last 3 years, I have had the opportunity to serve on the department’s EAB and the faculty under new department head Srinath Ekkad.  While the enrollment of both the AE and ME programs has grown in several years, so has the demand to provide the students with appropriate hands-on experiences as a result of their student professional society affiliations (e.g. AIAA, ASME, SAE) and through design teams (e.g. Design-Build-Fly, High Powered Rocketry, NCSU Motor Sports and may others).

The faculty have a vision to enhance these experiences through providing upgraded lab space in EBIII on Centennial Campus and supporting attendance at professional society and other national design competitions.  These student groups presented their work and plans to the EAB at our Fall 2019 meeting.  We instantly felt like they could use additional support to enhance their student experience. Our students not only get to “Think” but also “Do” in MAE. Let’s keep that tradition strong.

As part of the Annual NCSU Day of Giving, the MAE Department will focus nearly all donations from that effort towards supporting these student activities.  I am personally committed to ensuring that my significant gift to the students will enhance their overall experience, much like I had as a student. The other alumni members of the EAB are also committed as well and for this effort to make a difference, we are requesting your help!  Through your kind donation, we can ensure that these students will be afforded the same opportunities we had as former graduates, ultimately helping them attain their goals as future aerospace and mechanical engineering professionals.  For more details about the student organizations please visit: https://www.mae.ncsu.edu/student-organizations/

Please think about giving to the MAE Enhancement Fun on September 16, 2020, for NC State Day of Givinghttps://dayofgiving.ncsu.edu/. Our Department needs your help.

Thank you again for your consideration and donation and Go Pack!

Basil Hassan

We’re stronger when we support each other. We’re stronger as a Pack.

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