Voxel Principal Scientist Position

Voxel is seeking a Principal Scientist to lead our R&D efforts in electrochemical
machining. Voxel is a thought leader in Pulsed Electrochemical Machining (PECM), an advanced manufacturing process unrivaled in its ability to quickly and accurately machine specialty metal alloys. Our mission is to use PECM and related manufacturing technologies to supply critical, high-value parts to aerospace, energy, and medical customers.

As a company, Voxel is inspired by three core concepts. First, Voxel is focused on creating manufacturing solutions to important problems including transportation, energy production, and healthcare. It is important that Voxel employees feel proud of their accomplishments and impact. Second, Voxel is devoted to producing tangible real-world products. Voxel employees will be able to feel the sense of satisfaction that comes from offering meaningful products and services. Third, Voxel maintains a culture of innovation found at the intersection of different disciplines. Successful implementation of PECM requires knowledge of material science, electrochemistry, and electrical, chemical, and mechanical engineering. Voxel is seeking employees with a range of expertise across these fields who are willing to work in a team environment to develop innovative manufacturing solutions.

As a principal scientist at Voxel, your focus will be on eliminating the technical barriers standing in front of broad adoption and use of electrochemical machining and assisting in the efforts to protect the resulting intellectual property. The position will come with significant freedom in determination of your day-to-day duties as you work to conceptualize and test new techniques that make our process faster, cheaper, or higher quality.

Full job description and contact info: Voxel Job Description 08-11-2020