Co-Op Position Spring Semester 2021 

STORM TECHNOLOGIES, INC 411 Depot Street, PO Box 429 Albemarle, NC 28001 Phone: (704) 983-2040 • Fax: (704) 982-9657 

Storm Technologies, Inc. is a business that provides high quality services and products to electric utility business and heavy industry in the combustion area. As a Co-op Engineering Student, you will be involved directly with the field-testing services and providing the customer with accurate and reliable test data to help determine an engineered solution to address combustion performance concerns. This position is designed as the following: Rotate every other semester until you have worked three (3) semesters with Storm Technologies, Inc. While continuing your college studies in Engineering during the semesters you are not at Storm Technologies. This is a hands-on position and a paid position with a non-exempt position classification. 

The position of an Engineering Co-op is of great significance as s/he will be trained in how to handle all our testing equipment. A person in this position is required to follow standard operating procedures for all work functions performed. Can effectively manage time and complete all delegated work within the specified time frame. The Engineering Co-op will be taught a sound understanding of all industry safety regulations both of Storm Technologies, Inc., and the customer’s safety requirements. You should be able to abide by all Occupational Safety and health administration rules (OSHA) while carrying out all work processes. 

The Engineering Co-op must have a valid driver’s license and must be able to operate standard vehicles. All Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), clothes and identifications for the job will be issued to you. Individuals in this position require possessing a blend of technical and administrative expertise to ensure that all functions are seamlessly conducted. Perform tests using various probes and instruments and record the test data accurately of which you will be well trained to do. 

An Engineering Co-op has duties at the office to be completed when not traveling. Employee must appropriately use and handle all testing tools and equipment and clean said equipment prior to packing to depart from the job and returning. Engineering Co-Op’s will be taught how to properly pack and unpack jobs, calibrate new test probes and ECOM’s and continue this duty throughout their employment. Travel to all customer sites in the US is required using Storm Technologies vehicles. Must be able to sit in a vehicle seat for extended periods. Some air travel may be required. Must not be afraid of heights. All travel cost (motels, airline tickets etc.) will be paid by Storm Technologies up front. A per diem for will be repaid to you at the end of the month with payroll. 

You must be mechanically inclined and able to work independently and a team player. Must be able to travel by airplane or by vehicle. Able to withstand heat and cold and perform job functions in a changing environment. Able to wear personal protective equipment for extended periods of time as well as the wearing of steel toe boots. Able to lift items weighing more than 50lbs. Must be able to pass a drug screen and background criminal history check. This list is not all inclusive and more items will be discussed during interviews.