Dear MAE Students:

You should have received a recent announcement from Chancellor Woodson, postponing the return to campus. In addition to that, all MAE instructors are developing plans to deliver classroom content online beginning Monday March 23. You will hear from the instructor for each of your courses before classes resume on March 23 as to their specific plans.

I want to encourage you not to stress out about any of this. We will work together to make sure that you get course credits that you are earning, that you graduate appropriately, and that you are able to continue your studies. Please try to be patient with us as we work through any hiccups in the process. I am confident that we can come up with solutions.

Let me echo Chancellor Woodson’s comments related to “social distancing”. By reducing gatherings of groups of people, we can slow the spread of this recent disease and reduce the peak number of people infected. This allows our health system to respond without being overwhelmed. Really, these social distancing measures are helping to protect not only yourselves, but also others in the community, who are more likely to be directly affected by the virus. I encourage you to follow guidance such as from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Please let me (or our academic staff) know if you have questions or concerns. We will work together to solve them.


Srinath Ekkad