Dr. Tim Horn | The Test Quest with Beyond Surfaces

Dr. Tim Horn was recently selected for a Q&A profile with Oerlikon in the 2019-20 Winter Edition of BEYOND SURFACES.

Additive manufacturing is an answer that raises many new questions. When we build components outside the traditional mass- production model, how do we control and standardize their quality? How do we ensure compliance with the regulatory requirements in sectors such as medicine or aviation? What do testing and quality control look like for Industry 4.0? Tim Horn’s job is to answer these and related questions.

Horn’s research has focused on developing new alloys and parameters for Additive Manufacturing (AM) technologies, process monitoring and in-situ control. He is widely recognized as one of the world’s leading experts in designing operating parameters, machines and materials for powder-bed electron beam and laser melting AM processes. Leveraging the unique structure-property relationships feasible with AM is revolutionizing the design and production of numerous critical products, from patient specific implants and rocketry to jet engine and weapon system components. He has led several new material development efforts on behalf of a number of consortia, companies and government agencies and has organized numerous symposia. Dr. Horn is currently the chairman of the local Raleigh-Durham Chapter of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers.

BEYOND SURFACES profile contributed by Randy B. Hecht

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