Saul Elected to International Shoulder Group Executive Board

Saul, Katherine

Dr. Katherine Saul was recently elected as a member of the International Shoulder Group executive board.

The International Shoulder Group (ISG) is a collaboration of biomechanics researchers whose main interest is shoulder function. The ISG aims to enhance shoulder research by creating a platform for discussion and the exchange of information, software, and data. The board oversees the group efforts including, encouraging high-quality science, establishing best practices, and organizing scientific convenings such as shoulder-focused symposia and the ISG conference every 2 years.

As an executive board member, Dr. Saul intends to increase ISG community interactions by augmenting the existing social media presence, promote shoulder specific science at upcoming meetings, and create a repository for shoulder resources shared by ISG members (e.g., models, datasets, teaching materials), in addition to instituting more formal awards to recognize contributions to shoulder science.

In MAE, Dr. Saul directs the Movement Biomechanics Lab (MoBL), which investigates the relationship between musculoskeletal structure and function in the upper limb. The lab uses MR imaging, strength assessments, and functional testing in conjunction with computational simulations of the upper limb to characterize and investigate upper limb function and neuromuscular control in healthy and impaired populations of subject. At the undergraduate level, Dr. Saul teaches Engineering Dynamics (MAE 208).