Dr. Xiaoning Jiang elected ASME Fellow

Dr. JiangDr. Xiaoning Jiang has been elected a fellow to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), an honor bestowed on only 3 percent of members. Fellow Grade is the highest elected grade of membership within ASME, the attainment of which recognizes exceptional engineering achievements and contributions to the engineering profession.

The ASME Committee of Past Presidents confers the Fellow grade of membership on worthy candidates to recognize their outstanding engineering achievements. Nominated by ASME Members and Fellows, an ASME Member has to have 10 or more years of active practice and at least 10 years of active corporate membership in ASME.

Dr. Xiaoning Jiang has been a member of ASME since 1999 and has been actively involved in ASME activities by publishing with ASME, serving as an editorial board member in an ASME journal and chairing in ASME conferences.

Dr. Jiang is a Senior Associate Editor of The ASME Journal of Engineering and Science in Medical Diagnostics and Therapy (JESMDT). Dr. Jiang is a long time member as well as a major contributor through the organization of topics, sessions and submission of papers and to serve as the scientific committee members for ASME IMECE. He served as the Chair of the student paper competition committee for two years for the Biomedical & Biotechnology Engineering track in IMECE (2013-2015). He had thus far published one book with ASME (Jiang, X., S. Li, J. Kim, J. Ma, W. Huang, and X. Jian, “High frequency piezo-composite micromachined ultrasound transducer array technology for biomedical imaging”, ASME Press, New York, 2017 (ISBN: 9780791860441)), and more than 20 ASME journal and conference proceeding papers. He is also a reviewer of ASME journal papers (ASME Journal of Engineering and Science in Medical Diagnostics and Therapy and ASME Journal of Micro and Nano-Manufacturing) and conference proceedings (IMECE Track “Biomedical & Biotechnology Engineering”).

Dr. Jiang’s main research area is in micro/nano-engineering of smart materials and structures for novel electromechanical devices. A common theme in his research is to focus on important problems in practice: to address the problems through novel and fundamental approaches of micro/nano-engineering; to validate the approaches with rigorous evaluations in lab and field; and to impact both academia and industry with significant research findings. Dr. Jiang has led Micro/nano-engineering Lab at NC State with research topics on: ultrasound in medicine and biology, smart micro/nano-devices, and ultrasound in non-destructive evaluation (NDE).

Being an ASME member and involvement in ASME activities have greatly benefited Dr. Jiang’s academic career. He is looking forward to contributing more to ASME in the future as a Fellow by mentoring junior faculty members, graduate and undergraduate students.