USRA seeking combustion researchers

Universities Space Research Association (USRA) is seeking an Aerospace Engineer/Combustion Scientist to support NASA-sponsored combustion research being performed on the International Space Station (ISS). This PhD-level position will specifically involve developing computational models of the ignition, growth and extinguishment of fires in spacecraft. The focus of this work is to develop a better predictive capability for fire ignition and growth aboard a spacecraft. The overarching goal of the work is to develop a database and a set of computational tools that can be used to guide NASA’s efforts in spacecraft fire safety.

The person selected for this position will be responsible for: 1) analyzing data from spaceflight combustion experiments; 2) designing and conducting complementary experiments in ground-based facilities; and 3) assisting in the design, development, and execution of future in-space experiments on the ISS or other space vehicles. From the results of the ground-based and flight experiments, the person will build computational tools to predict fire ignition, growth, and extinguishment on-board a spacecraft.

US citizenship or a Green Card is required.

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