Saul selected as 2019 UNC System Faculty Fellow

Dr. Katherine Saul, head of the Movement Biomechanics Lab (MoBL), was selected as a 2019 Faculty Fellow of the University of North Carolina System.

Pictured from left to right, Drs. Pearson, Powell, Saul.
As a fellow, Dr. Saul will spend one year researching academic affairs. The two other faculty fellows for the 2019 year are Ellen Holmes Pearson, UNC Asheville and Benjamin Powell, Appalachian State University. Each institution is able to nominate one individual for each focus area, and the nominee must be tenured with at least three years on campus.

Now in its fourth year, the fellowship engages experienced faculty who are specifically interested in academic affairs issues. The program gives these faculty mentored learning opportunities and recruits them to enhance the effectiveness of the UNC System, both at the System Office and at the institutional level. Fellows are offered a unique opportunity to become familiar with System-wide, state, and national challenges in public higher education. This year, the UNC System Office selected digital learning as the focus of the project and invited faculty from all 17 institutions to apply.

The 2019 Digital Learning Project will provide an opportunity for fellows to assist in introducing new strategies to the teaching and learning environment. They will be immersed in investigating and charting opportunities for faculty to take full advantage of new digital learning environments. The fellows will review the current literature, consult with innovative teaching faculty across the System and across the national higher education landscape, and will investigate, and experiment with, new technologies.

“I look forward to investigating the cutting-edge technology available for classroom transformation, including what is currently used within the UNC system and new strategies that could be leveraged; methods for using technology to enhance learning and translation of concepts into practical skills; approaches for improving efficiency and classroom management for faculty; and considerations of accessibility for students with disability or other requirements for learning support. I anticipate creating new recommendations for implementation of technology in the UNC system, with an eye toward providing context for the different needs of courses depending on campus, enrollment, course topic, and student background.” – Dr. Katherine Saul

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