MAE Climbs Rankings for Best Graduate Program

The Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Graduate Programs at North Carolina State University have both improved its standing in the US News & World Report ranking of 2019 Best Graduate Schools.

Ranked independently, the Mechanical Engineering program moved to 38 from 42 out of 179 graduate programs. The Aerospace Engineering program moved one spot up to 30 out of 66 graduate programs.

US News and World Report looks at a variety of factors when compiling rankings, including research expenditures, graduate enrollment and average quantitative GRE score, as well as perception assessment scores from recruiters and peer institutions.

“We’re excited that our academic reputation continues to rise and we remain an outstanding and affordable education for future generations,” said MAE Department Head, Dr. Srinath Ekkad.

The Mechanical Engineering graduate program also ranked #22 out of 35 on the College Choice Best Master’s list, and #5 out of 15 under Most Affordable Online Master’s in Mechanical Engineering. The online ME Master’s program additionally made SR Education Group’s Top 25 Best Online Master’s, coming in at #14.