Dr. Rabiei Earns SBMT Pioneer in Technology Award

Dr. Rabiei has been selected by the Society for Brain Mapping & Therapeutics and the Brain Mapping Foundation for the Pioneer in Technology Award for her efforts on composite metal foams and its potential to protect brain injuries.

“This distinctive award is presented to the preeminent corporate leaders and scientist entrepreneurs who have facilitated the development of pioneering technologies through interdisciplinary approaches that have impacted diagnostics, treatment, and healthcare delivery in unprecedented ways.

“It takes a visionary leader like you to lead efforts in developing your metallic foam and translating use of this material into platforms which will prevent bodily injuries, particularly injuries to the head – be it blast or penetrating injuries. Your work has far reaching potential life saving consequences and is just the type of innovation that we want to honor with the presentation of this award. Your work will transform the way scientists look to lessen the impact force to the brain of athletes, soldiers and law enforcement.” – SBMT

Dr. Rabiei will accept this award at the 14th Annual “Gathering for Cure” Gala in Los Angeles, this Thursday April 20th.