2017 Summer China Study Abroad Program for Engineers


Attached is the’ 2017 Study Abroad Program in China’ flyer. There are 4 courses students can choose from —

ECE 331 Principles of Electrical Engineering (prerequisite for several engr majors),
STS 490 Issues in Science & Technology – Geographies of Energy (GEP International Perspectives & Global Knowledge),
PS 231 Intro to International Relations (GEP Social Sciences& Global Knowledge) &
FL 295 Intensive Language course (satisfies a GEP)

Two of the 4 courses can be taken on this trip! An exciting opportunity of cultural immersion and courses.

A COE student information session will be scheduled shortly so students can come out hear from students who participated, get an overview and ask questions.


ECE 331 is a required course for the following majors:

  1. BAE Biological & Agricultural Engineering
  2. ChE Chemical Engineering. Note: MSE 201 can also be used to fulfill this requirement
  3. Civil Engineering
  4. Construction Engineering–CONGEN
  5. Construction Engineering–CONMEC
  6. Dual Major–BS in Paper Science & Engineering/Chemical Engineering
  7. MAE Mechanical Engineering
  8. NE Nuclear Engineering:  ECE 331 serves as a prerequisite for NE 418 Nuclear Instrumentation; and, NE 418 is a Nuclear Engineering elective choice

ECE 331  is an elective course option for the following majors:

     EE Electrical Engineering: Any ECE 3** is included in list of electives
     MSE Material Science & Engineering: ECE 331 is listed as a possible technical elective              PSE Paper Science & Engineering: ECE 331 can satisfy your technical engineering elective

Contact —

Clifford E. Griffin, PhD
Associate Professor, SPIA (Program Director, China Study Abroad)
North Carolina State University