New MAE 200 course underway this Fall

The first crop of 150 sophomores are taking a new course called Introduction to Mechanical Engineering Design. This is a “hands-on” class taught in the student shop that features exposure to mechanical engineering terminology, measurement, moving water and air, dissecting a chainsaw, Solidworks drawings leading to waterjet cutting, 3D printing and CNC machining. The final class meeting  is a design competition with boats fabricated from foamboard and duct tape designed to displace the most water when weighted. The photograph shows one of teams in the midst of tearing down an electric chainsaw(before they have to reassemble it!). Dr. Eischen has developed the course and is being assisted in teaching the multiple sections by our shop manager Gary Lofton and 3 TA’s Brian Carcatera, Micheal Darges, and Andrew Martin.MAE 200 students