Chang wins prestigious NSF CAREER award

Dr. Chih- Hao Chang

This Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) grant will pioneer a novel three-dimensional (3D) nanolithography system using light interactions with colloidal elements. The ability to create a 3D object at the nanoscale has enabled unique material properties and device performances. However, almost all of the existing lithography systems are based on complicated mechanical, electronic, and optical hardware that can be prohibitively expensive. This award supports fundamental research to provide the required knowledge for low-cost 3D nanolithography that is based solely on colloid-light interactions. The new process focuses on colloidal nanoparticles, which will serve as elementary building blocks that can manipulate and shape light for nanoscale patterning. This research is interdisciplinary and will increase understandings in nanotechnology, physics, materials science and engineering. This system will enable scalable printing of complex 3D nanostructures for needleless drug delivery, multifunctional materials and stretchable sensors. The result of this research can find broad application in biomedical, energy, electronic and aerospace industries, and will benefit the U.S. economy and the advance its manufacturing sector. The integrated research and educational goals will also greatly increase engineering education in society through direct engagement of K-12 students, teachers, parents and the local community in nanotechnology and nanomanufacturing.