The shock tube is a unique device that allows for high speed pressure loading of materials.

  • Simulating Bomb Blast
  • 21″x24″x24″ Containment Chamber
  • Full Visualization Containment Chamber
  • Bi-axial loading
  • Pressure as high as 2500 psi
  • ~ Mach 4 speed

A high speed gas gun is available for impacting projectiles at high rates of loading.

  • Interchangable Barrels
  • 6000 Psi Firing Pressure
  • Full Visualization Containment Chamber

High speed uni-axial testing in both compression and tension.

  • Tension and Compression
  • 3/4″ Bars
  • 100-10,000 Strain Per Second
  • High Speed Video for Strain Localization

Multiple Drop Towers available for Low Velocity Impact

  • Tension and Compression
  • Variable Drop Weight
  • High Speed Video Out-of-Plane Deformation

A set of high speed cameras is available to monitor specimens during high speed events.

  • Full Field Displacement Measurement
  • Full Field Strain Measurement
  • Low Speed – Quad Camera Setup
  • High Speed