MAE 472 – Aero Structures 2 (3 units)

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will be focused on composite materials this year. We will look at different manufacturing methods, common ways to make them at home as well as the more advanced methods used by industry. We will learn basic analysis tools for analyzing layups and determining stiffness and strength. There will be lectures on composite repair along with multiple lectures from industry to discuss current trends, methods and knowledge base. A design project will introduce allow students to perform analysis and become more familiar with the tools of the trade.
When: Spring Every Year

MAE 314 – Solid Mechanics (3 units)

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Concepts and theories of internal force, stress, strain, and strength of structural element under static loading conditions. Constitutive behavior for linear elastic structures. Deflection and stress analysis procedures for bars, beams, and shafts.Introduction to matrix analysis of structures.
When: Fall Every Year

MAE 589 – Experimental Mechanics (3 units)

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The objective of this course is to introduce students to different aspects of measuring deformation, strains, and stresses for developing a mechanistic understanding of both the material and structure behavior. Discussion of high rate mechanical testing to understand material response under different rates will be explored. From this collected data we will talk about different data analysis techniques and statistical analysis tools. The goal of the course is to introduce researchers to quantitative appreciation of commonly used experimental methods in mechanics, their applications, limitation and theories.
When: Spring

MAE 537 – Mechanics of Composite Structures (3 units)

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Material properties of fiber reinforced composite materials are derived from both micro-mechanical and macro-mechanical perspectives. Classical plate theory, failure theories, buckling and vibration of laminated plates are covered. Manufacturing techniques and experimental testing procedures are also introduced.
When: Spring

MAE 496 – Undergrad Research Project;

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Design of testing equipment. Bicycle design, analysis and handling
When: Every Semester