2016 Alumni Hall of Fame

The Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Hall of Fame was established to inspire our current students and to celebrate accomplishments of those extraordinary graduates who have used their education to excel in a profession, career or service. The nomination is based on professional and service, achievement, entrepreneurship and contributions to professional societies.

“Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.”  – Lou Holtz


Alumni Hall of Fame 2016
 John W. Kiker BSME 1951
 Lloyd M. Hedgepeth BSME 1958
 Joseph L. Dunn BSAE 1965
 John W. McCulloch BSAE 1965, MSME 1967, PhD ME 1969
 J. Ronald Bailey BSME 1966, MSME 1968
 C.H. “Buddy” Cline, Jr BSME 1968
 David W. Dove BSAE 1969
 Lawrence R. Fishman BSME 1970
 Adnan Akay BSME 1971, MSME 1972, PhD ME 1976
 Alan W. Wilhite BSAE 1973, PhD AE 1985
 Gerald D. Walberg PhD ME 1974
 D. Keith Hollingsworth BSME 1980, MSME 1982
 Michael C. Goff BSAE 1983, MSME 1985
 W. Gil West BSME 1984
 Franz W. Kellar BSME 1985
 Jeffrey E. Williams BSME 1985