2014 Alumni Hall of Fame

The Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Hall of Fame was established to inspire our current students and to celebrate accomplishments of those extraordinary graduates who have used their education to excel in a profession, career or service. The nomination is based on professional and service, achievement, entrepreneurship and contributions to professional societies.

“Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.”  – Lou Holtz


Alumni Hall of Fame 2014
William F. Morris, Jr BSME 1941
Charles E. Branscomb BSME 1949, MSME 1950
James A. (Ott) Jones BSME 1951
Marcus B. Crotts BSME 1953
Edward I. Weisiger, Sr BSME 1954
James M. Davis, Jr. BSME 1958
Franklin D. Hart BSME 1959, MSME 1961, PhD ME 1965
Joseph P. Archie BSME 1960, MSME 1962, PhD ME 1968
James A. Hackney, III BSME 1961
Robert Transou  BSME 1962
Van D. Sherrill  BSME 1962
Jerry S. Lee  BSME 1963, PhD ME 1967
Herbert A. Fishel BSME 1963
Claud A. Verbal  BSAE 1964
Harry L. Beach, Jr.  BSME 1966, MSME 1968, PhD ME 1970
 J. David Mobley  BSME 1970
 James A. Stewart  BSME 1970
 Fred N. Hunter  BSME 1984
 Robert R. Womack  BSME 1959
 Charles E. Sykes  BSME 1985
 Basil Hassan  BSAE 1988, MSAE 1990, PhD 1993
 Montie W. Roland  BSME 1990
 Ann B. Carlson  PhD AE 1990
Lin H. Chambers  PhD AE 1991
 David F. Robinson  BSAE 1992, MSAE 1994 , PhD AE 1994