MAE Departmental Graduation Ceremony

Spring 2017 MAE Graduation Ceremony
Reynolds Coliseum
Friday, May 12, 2017 -11:30am

Before the ceremony

  • Graduates must wear a cap and gown (the NCSU Bookstore will contact you regarding cap and gown purchases).
  • Please report by 10:30am and line up in alphabetical order (faculty will be on hand to assign you a number and help find your place in line). Please stay in line once you are in order.  We will instruct you on the ceremony at this time.
  • There is plenty of handicap seating, and there will be marshals on hand for assistance. Please do not arrive early; the room will not be accessible to visitors before 10:30am.
  • A professional photographer will be present to take your photo; they will notify you by email when your proofs become available.  You are under no obligation to purchase the photographs.

During the ceremony

  • You will receive a diploma cover at the ceremony (the diploma will be mailed to you several weeks later, so please update your address with Registration and Records).
  • The graduation procession will march onto the floor at 11:30am. The ceremony will start with a welcome from Dr. Gould, MAE Department Head, and guest speakers.
  • Presentation of diplomas will begin with graduate students and proceed through undergraduate degrees (order: PhD AE, PhD ME, MS AE, MS ME, BS AE, BS ME).
  • When Dr. Edwards calls your name, walk onto the stage, accept your diploma and congratulations from Dr. Gould, and pause for a picture (marshals will be on hand to direct students on/off stage).
  • After closing statements by Dr. Gould, officials and graduating students will proceed out of the room.
  • The ceremony usually lasts about an hour, depending on the number of graduates.

For information about the university graduation ceremony on 05/13/2017, visit  NCSU Registration & Records.