2022 Summer Sustainability Engineering Co-Op internship opportunity

Under the direction of the Energy Manager (PE) at Highwoods Properties, this internship position will to assist with strategic sustainability, energy conservation and benchmarking initiatives, resulting in additional operational expense savings and compliance with requests for program information.

Responsibilities will include:

  • Tracking and initiating our waste program
  • Reviewing and reporting on water consumption
  • Working with documentation on our EV program
  • Gathering data related to future sustainability reporting for municipalities
  • Assisting in compiling our Annual Sustainability Report
  • Investor documentation preparation and third-party ESG/Sustainability metric reviews
  • Assist in managing Energy Star certifications – fill out, submit, and track applications
  • Catalog current equipment in the building portfolio and evaluate for improvement opportunities
  • Assist in the energy and water benchmarking processes. Factors may include building type, occupancy, exterior fenestration, hours of operation, HVAC, average lighting intensity (Watt/SF), roofing material, etc.
  • Assisting with management of building Interval Data (“Live Meter” project) to identify and document energy cost savings measures, assist in implementation, and quantify cost savings
  • Prepare various reports and identify variances using Microsoft Excel and SAS JMP
  • May use HVAC Building controls software to verify correct operational hours, etc.
  • May assist with our Energy and Sustainability Awareness Communications Plan, and also determine projected scalable savings identified


Successful candidate will possess effective organization and time management skills along with strong interpersonal skills. Candidate must have a minimum 3.25 GPA, be detail-oriented and analytical, with good communication skills. Must be at least a Junior-level Engineering candidate or higher. Ideally, this would be a multiple-semester cooperative education position, but single-semester internships will be considered.

Preference will be given to applicants pursuing a degree with an Environmental/Sustainability focus, who have completed significant coursework in Environmental or Energy Engineering, or who have obtained an Energy or Sustainability-related certification (CEM, EMIT, PEM, etc).

Contact Cloyed Brown (Cloyed.Brown@highwoods.com) to apply.