NC State COVID-19 Response Efforts

NC State and MAE are working hard to support our local medical community in conjunction with UNC Health. We have assembled a team of faculty experts across all engineering departments who are rapidly exploring options for local fabrication of in-demand medical devices and personal protective equipment. This may involve rapidly accessing and activating community-based 3D printing capabilities. Please click here to join our 3D printing network. More information below. This page will serve as a centralized resource for communicating information, requesting volunteers, requesting donations, and sharing updates. If you have any questions or comments, please use the links below or contact Dr. Landon Grace at


  • Donations of Personal Protective Equipment
At this time, UNC Health is in need of donations of personal protective equipment (PPE). Several drop off locations have been set up to receive donations, and we encourage you to donate any unused PPE as soon as possible. Please see the following article from WRAL for locations and drop off windows:


  • 3D Printing Volunteer Network
We are working hand in hand with UNC Health to identify and prioritize the needs of the medical community, including both PPE and mechanical ventilation solutions. The situation is changing rapidly, and NC State MAE is preparing to assist with rapid scaling of 3D printable solutions. To that end, we are assembling a volunteer network of local 3D printers and operators who are willing to receive design files from us and print them on short notice. If you would like to join the 3D printing response network, please do so below. If you join, please be prepared to receive and print design files (in STL format) at any time. The email you receive will be from Dr. Grace (


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