Zhu and Shanshan Earn Top Cited Article

Scientific journal, Nanoscale celebrates its 10th Anniversary, listing Wearable multifunctional sensors using printed stretchable conductors made of silver nanowires, published by Dr. Yong Zhu and Dr. Shanshan Yao, as a top cited article since the journal launched in 2009.

Dr. Zhu teaches Micro/Nano electromechanical Systems (MAE 536) for students interested in the fundamentals and the applications of micro/nano sensors and actuators. His long-term goal is to advance nanoscience and nanotechnology by improving the understanding of nanoscale material behavior. Co-author Shanshan Yao is a former Ph.D. student who has stayed on as a postdoc student in Dr. Zhu’s current group.

Nanoscale is known for publishing exceptional research across nanoscience and nanotechnology, in addition to a full mix of research articles on experimental and theoretical work, including reviews, communications and full papers.

The article can now be found in Nanoscale’s 10th Anniversary: Top Cited Articles online collection.