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Welcome to the Zhu group! My group is working at the intersection of Solid Mechanics and Nanotechnology. We aim to understand mechanical and multiphysical behaviors of nanomaterials through in-situ experiments and explore their device applications based on their unique properties.

Selected Publications
- Q. Qin, S. Yin, G. Cheng, X. Li, T.-H. Chang, G. Richter, Y. Zhu and H. Gao, "Recoverable Plasticity in Penta-twinned Metallic Nanowires Governed by Dislocation Nucleation and Retraction", Nature Communications 6, 5983 (2015).
- S. Yao and Y. Zhu, "Nanomaterial-Enabled Stretchable Conductors: Strategies, Materials and Devices", Advanced Materials 27 (9), 1480-1511 (2015).
- G.M. Cheng, T.-H. Chang, Q. Qin, H. Huang and Y. Zhu, "Mechanical Properties of Silicon Carbide Nanowires: Effect of Size-Dependent Defect Density", Nano Letters 14, 754-758 (2014).
- T. Jiang, R. Huang, Y. Zhu, "Interfacial Sliding and Buckling of Monolayer Graphene on a Stretchable Substrate", Advanced Functional Materials 24, 396-402 (2014).
- F. Xu and Y. Zhu, "Highly Conductive and Stretchable Silver Nanowire Conductors," Advanced Materials 24 (37), 5117-5122 (2012).
- F. Xu, W. Lu and Y. Zhu, Controlled 3D buckling of silicon nanowires for stretchable electronics, ACS Nano 5, 672-678 (2011).
- Y. Zhu, F. Xu, Q. Qin, W.Y. Fung and W. Lu, Mechanical Properties of Vapor-Liquid-Solid Synthesized Silicon Nanowires, Nano Letters 9, 3934-3939 (2009).

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Yong Zhu

Prof. Yong Zhu, Ph.D.

Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at North Carolina State University

Phone: (919)513-7735

Prof. Zhu received his PhD degree in Mechanical Engineering at Northwestern University in 2005 under the guidance of Prof. Horacio Espinosa. He was a postdoctoral associate working with Profs. Kenneth Liechti and K. Ravi-Chandar at the University of Texas at Austin between 2005 and 2007. He obtained his BS degree in Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering from University of Science and Technology of China and his MS degree in Mechanical Engineering from Northwestern University.