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Our expertise is diverse — four core areas

Aerodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Propulsion and Space Exploration Systems

21 related courses
  • MAE 511 Advanced Dynamics with Applications to Aerospace Systems
  • MAE 525 Advanced Flight Vehicle Stability and Control
  • MAE 528 Experimental Flight Testing
  • MAE 550 Foundations of Fluid Dynamics
  • MAE 551 Airfoil Theory
  • MAE 553 Compressible Fluid Flow
  • MAE 554 Hypersonic Aerodynamics
  • MAE 560 Computational Fluid Dynamics I
  • MAE 561 Wing Theory
  • MAE 562 Physical Gas Dynamics
  • MAE 573 Hydrodynamic Stability and Transition
  • MAE 575 Advanced Propulsion Systems
  • MAE 581 Space Flight Orbital Mechanics
  • MAE 582 Spacecraft Altitude Dynamics and Controls
  • MAE 589 Numerical Methods for Engineers
  • MAE 589 Microfluidics and Nanofluidics
  • MAE 766 Computational Fluid Dynamics II
  • MAE 770 Computational Reactive Flow
  • MAE 776 Turbulence
  • MAE 782 Spacecraft Altitude Dynamics and Controls II
  • MAE 783 Space Flight Guidance and Navigation

Dynamics, Vibrations, Controls, and System Design

11 related courses
  • MAE 513 Principles of Structural Vibrations
  • MAE 518 Acoustic Radiation I
  • MAE 521 Linear Control and Design for MIMO Systems
  • MAE 522 Non-linear System Analysis and Control
  • MAE 525 Advanced Flight Vehicle Stability and Control
  • MAE 534 Mechatronic Design
  • MAE/ECE 535 Design of Electromechanical Systems
  • MAE 544 Real Time Robots
  • MAE 718 Acoustic Radiation II
  • MAE 589 Numerical Methods for Engineers
  • MAE 789 Field Theory for Engineers

Structural Mechanics, Materials and Manufacturing

13 related courses
  • MAE 533 Finite Element Analysis I
  • MAE 537 Mechanics of Composite Structures
  • MAE 538 Smart Structures and Materials
  • MAE 539 Advanced Materials
  • MAE 541 Advanced Machine Design
  • MAE 543 Fracture Mechanics
  • MAE 545 Metrology of Precision Manufacturing
  • MAE 546 Photonic Sensor Applications in Structures
  • MAE 731 Materials Processing by Deformation
  • MAE 734 Finite Element Analysis II
  • MAE 589 Numerical Methods for Engineers
  • MAE 589 Nanotechnology
  • MAE 589 Optimization in Engineering Design

Thermal Sciences and Energy Systems

10 related courses
  • MAE 501 Advanced Engineering Thermodynamics
  • MAE 504 Fluid Dynamics of Combustion I
  • MAE 505 Heat Transfer Theory and Applications
  • MAE 540 Advanced Air Conditioning Design
  • MAE 589 Numerical Methods for Engineers
  • MAE 589 Advanced IC Engines
  • MAE 702 Statistical Thermodynamics
  • MAE 704 Fluid Dynamics of Combustion II
  • MAE 708 Advanced Convective Heat Transfer
  • MAE 709 Advanced Radiative Heat Transfer

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Research Labs & Faculty Contacts — where the magic happens

  • Advanced Materials Analytical Lab Rabiei
  • Advanced Materials Manufacturing Lab Rabiei
  • Advanced Metal Forming and Tribology Lab Ngaile
  • Aerospace Engineering Computational Fluid Dynamics Laboratory Hassan, Edwards
  • Applied Aerodynamics Lab/Advanced Control and Dynamic Simulation Lab Gopalarathnam, Wu
  • Ballistic Loading and Structural Testing Pankow
  • Biomechatronics Lab
  • Computational & Experimental Mechanics of Materials Zikry
  • Computational Biofluids and Heat Transfer Lab Kuznetsov
  • Computational Combustion and Energy Sciences Lab Echekki
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics Lab Luo,
  • Computational Mechanics Simulation & System Design Optimization Lab Eischen, Ferguson
  • Computational Multi-Physics Lab Kleinstreuer
  • Electromechanics Research Lab Buckner
  • Energy Conversion & Transport in Solid State Devices O'Connor
  • Energy Solutions - Industrial Assessment Center Eckerlin, Terry
  • Engine Test Cell
  • Engineering Mechanics & Space Systems Lab Mazzoleni
  • Flight Research Lab Hall
  • Heat Transfer and Thermal Management Lab Gould
  • High Pressure Combustion and Laser Diagnostics Lab Saveliev, Fang,
  • Laser Manufacturing Lab Tu
  • Mechanics of Energy Materials and Biosystems Lab Huang
  • Micro/Nano Engineering Lab Jiang
  • Microscale and Interfacial Fluid Physics Lab
  • Nanomechanics and Engineering Zhu
  • Nanostructures and Nanomanufacturing Laboratory Chang
  • Precision Engineering Center Dow, Eischen, Ro
  • Reacting Flow and Turbulent Jets Lab Lyons
  • Smart Composites Lab Peters
  • Smart Structures and Materials Lab Yuan
  • Sound & Vibration Lab Nagel
  • Space Flight Lab
  • Spray and Engine Diagnostics Lab Fang
  • Structures Lab Peters
  • Turbulent Shear Flow Laboratory Narayanaswamy
  • Vibro-Acoustic Systems and Controls Lab Silverberg, Ro


In the last decade, our innovations have produced over 1960 publications in 420 journals by more than 396 authors

Here's some of our recent work…

How is this list generated? Looking for the full list of publications?

Analysis of trace fibers by IR-MALDESI imaging coupled with high resolving power MS

Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, 407(3), 813-820. Cochran, K. H., Barry, J. A., Robichaud, G., & Muddiman, D. C.

Benchmarking of dynamic simulation predictions in two software platforms using an upper limb musculoskeletal model

Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering, 18(13), 1445-1458. Saul, K. R., Hu, X., Goehler, C. M., Vidt, M. E., Daly, M., Velisar, A., & Murray, W. M.

Can a death signal half-life be used to sense the distance to a lesion site in axons?

Journal of Biological Physics, 41(1), 23-35. Kuznetsov, I. A., & Kuznetsov, A. V.

Cohesive-shear-lag modeling of interfacial stress transfer between a monolayer graphene and a polymer substrate

Journal of Applied Mechanics: Transactions of the ASME, 82(3). Guo, G. D., & Zhu, Y.

Design and operation of silver nanowire based flexible and stretchable touch sensors

Journal of Materials Research, 30(1), 79-85. Cui, Z., Poblete, F. R., Cheng, G. M., Yao, S. S., Jiang, X. N., & Zhu, Y.

Gradient enhanced damage sizing for structural health management

Smart Materials & Structures, 24(2). Li, G., & Yuan, F. G.

Hybrid control for switched linear systems with average dwell time

IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, 60(1), 240-245. Yuan, C. Z., & Wu, F.

In-plane alignment in organic solar cells to probe the morphological dependence of charge recombination

Advanced Functional Materials, 25(8), 1296-1303. Awartani, O., Kudenov, M. W., Kline, R. J., & O'Connor, B. T.

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