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Kara Peters

Phone: 919-515-5226 Email: kjpeters@ncsu.eduOffice: 3156 Engineering Building III  Map

Peters is interested in structural health monitoring, optical fiber sensors, and composite materials

Dr. Peters' long-term goal is to contribute to the advancement of nondestructive evaluation and structural health monitoring techniques for composite aerospace structures. Currently, Dr. Peters is designing and integrating optical sensors into composites (woven, laminates, sandwich structures, and joints) and is studying self-healing composite sandwich structures. The advancements tend to increase safety and improve performance of structural systems. Dr. Peters teaches Mechanics of Composite Structures (MAE 537). Her presentation in this course has a fundamental flavor. She also teaches Photonic Sensor Applications in Structure (MAE 546). In this course, Dr. Peters surveys composite structures in the aerospace industry, and gives students an understanding of the current state-of-the-art. Dr. Peters teaches Aerospace Structures I and II (MAE 371 and MAE 472). In these courses, she outlines the current state-of-the-art of aircraft structures and describes some of the advancements being anticipated in the near future. Dr. Peters works closely with her students to help them develop strong experimental problem-solving skills. Her students bridge the gap between optics and mechanics and work in a hands-on, experimental environment. They fabricate the composite structures themselves, from learning how to embed sensors into composite materials to learning how to make different kinds of optical interfaces. When she is not in the lab, Dr. Peters enjoys hiking and climbing.

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Educational Background

  • PhD, Aerospace Engineering, University of Michigan
  • MA, Applied Mathematics, University of Michigan
  • MSE, Aerospace Engineering, University of Michigan
  • BS, Aerospace Engineering, University of Virginia

Core Research Areas

Structural Mechanics, Materials and Manufacturing

Dynamics, Vibrations, Controls, and System Design

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