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Dr. Jeffrey W. Eischen

Associate Professor
Phone: 919-515-5263 Email: eischen@ncsu.eduWebsite: http://www.mae.ncsu.edu/eischenOffice: 3290 Engineering Building III  Map

Eischen is interested in computational solid mechanics, elasticity, fracture mechanics, and fabric mechanics

Dr. Eischen's long-term goal is to contribute to the advancement of computational solid mechanics.

Dr. Eischen's research focuses on computer modeling of complex structural behavior. Current research projects involve 1) embedding very flexible fabric structures in fluid flows where concentration of chemical species is tracked, 2) developing a fast tool servo for milling non-rotationally symmetric surfaces, and 3) designing a composite cryogenic pressure vessel for The Neutron Electric Dipole Moment (nEDM) experiment at Oak Ridge National Laboratories. In MAE, he collaborates with Dr. Dow and Dr. Edwards.

Dr. Eischen teaches Fracture Mechanics (MAE 543). This is a classical course that assesses the effects of cracks on the failure of structures and residual life. He augments the classical material with numerous case studies of industrial failures.

At the undergraduate level, Dr. Eischen teaches Strength of Mechanical Components (MAE 316) and Analysis for Mechanical Engineering Design (MAE 415). In both courses, he relates the subject to the real-world design failures he has gathered through his industrial interactions. He tends to teach the concepts through the use of a good number of examples.

Dr. Eischen's graduate students have a strong interest in solid mechanics and some experience with the finite element and other computational methods. While working with Dr. Eischen they gain experience with cutting-edge computational methods capable of solving a wide range of problems.

Outside of work, Dr. Eischen enjoys a wide range of outdoor activities with his wife and two teenage sons including: hiking, camping, and wakeboarding.

Educational Background

  • PhD, Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University
  • MS, Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University
  • BS, Civil Engineering, University of California at Los Angeles

Core Research Area

Structural Mechanics, Materials and Manufacturing

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Courses Taught By Eischen

  • MAE 316 -001Spring '16 Strength of Mechanical Components
  • MAE 316 -602Spring '16 Strength of Mechanical Components
  • MAE 316 -605Spring '16 Strength of Mechanical Components
  • MAE 415 -003Fall '15 Analysis for Mechanical Engineering Design
  • MAE 415 -605Fall '15 Analysis for Mechanical Engineering Design
  • MAE 543 -001Spring '16 Fracture Mechanics
  • MAE 543 -601Spring '16 Fracture Mechanics
  • MAE 543 -602Spring '16 Fracture Mechanics

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