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Prof Andrey V. Kuznetsov

Phone: 919-515-5292 Email: avkuznet@eos.ncsu.eduOffice: 3258 Engineering Building III  Map

Kuznetsov is interested in developing models of electrically charged monolith filters capable of capturing viruses

Dr. Kuznetsov's long term goal is to further the advancement of modeling fluid-thermal systems.

Presently, Dr. Kuznetsov is developing models of electrically charged monolith filters capable of capturing viruses and he is developing a mechanistic model of neuron deterioration in Alzheimer patients. In MAE, Dr. Kuznetsov collaborates with Dr. Roberts and Dr. Ro.

At the graduate level, Dr. Kuznetsov teaches Heat Transfer Theory and Applications (MAE 505) and Advanced Convective heat Transfer (MAE 708). In both of these courses, he presents real-life problems that have unexpected solutions. For example, he once told his students the true story of a problem that several Cosmonauts faced when first arriving at an uninhabited space station. The station was without power and its interior was very cold. They needed to know precisely the temperature in the station but did not have any devices to measure temperature. So, one of the Cosmonaut's spit on a wall and measured with a watch the time it took for it to freeze. Stories like this demonstrate how physical principles solve problems in unexpected ways and bring the material to life.

At the undergraduate level, Dr. Kuznetsov teaches Fluid Mechanics I (MAE 308) and Heat Transfer (MAE 310). He compliments the fundamental treatment with videos showing different effects and a lot of modern topics, like a discussion on why biological cells dehydrate when they freeze and the wonderful properties of superfluid liquid helium.

Dr. Kuznetsov's students, like himself, are more than anything else obsessed with modeling fluid-thermal systems, which fosters a stimulating research environment. In fact, Dr. Kuznetsov's graduate students, after first working with him, are often surprised and pleased to discover that he treats them as colleagues. They enjoy an atmosphere of stimulating discussions on competing ideas. The biotechnology focus of the research also makes the subject particularly interesting.

Outside of work, Dr. Kuznetsov spends time with his family.

Educational Background

  • PhD, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Research Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences
  • MS, Applied Mathematics, Moscow State University
  • MS, Mechanical Engineering, Bauman Moscow State Technical University

Core Research Area

Thermal Sciences and Energy Systems

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Courses Taught By Kuznetsov

  • MAE 310 -001Fall '16 Heat Transfer Fundamentals
  • MAE 310 -001Spring '17 Heat Transfer Fundamentals
  • MAE 708 -001Spring '17 Advanced Convective Heat Transfer

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